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Ballscrew kits use 5/8" Thomson ballscrews with a .200 pitch. Here is a link to the Thomson catalog page with detailed information on the ballscrews. All ballscrews are now polished, they are no longer black, but shiny sillver as shown in the kit #4 photo.

If your motors do not have a 1/4" shaft, let us know so we can ship matching LOVEJOY couplings. If you upgrade to helical couplings, they only come in 1/4"  
Mini-Mill CNC kit #1 - 'Z' axis only

This kits includes, one NEMA23 motor mount for the Z-axis, thrust bearings, a BALLSCREW, shaft collar, lovejoy spider motor coupling, side mounting block for the ballnut, and metric cap screws. You MAY have to modify your mill to install this kit. Get this kit if you want to make your own X-Y motor mounts.

 $325 Click to enlarge

Mini-Mill CNC kit #2 - with X-Y-Z BALLSCREWS


Includes BALLSCREWS & Motor Mounts for the X, Y & Z axis. Extra hardware for installing the ballscrews is also included.

 $619 kit4
Mini-Mill CNC kit #3 - with X-Y BALLSCREWS

Includes everything to convert the X & Y axis with BALLSCREWS & Motor Mounts. Extra hardware for installing the ballscrews is also included. Get this kit if you want to make your own Z axismotor mount.


Click to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlarge


This includes 2 BALLSCREWS for the X-Y axis and all hardware needed to mount the ballnuts under the table. This does not include the nema23 motor mounts.

 $309 Click to enlarge
Mini-Mill Kit #5 LMS HiTorque/SX2L BALLSCREWS

If you have the Little Machineshop Mini-Mill (LMS Part #3900) or the Seig SX2L you will need this kit. This is the same as Kit #2, but with longer ballscrews.

  $655 kit4

Spare ballnuts

 $39 Spare / Replacement ballnut.

Order as many as you need.

You will not loose travel with these kits. Wedo not support the use of handwheels with after conversion. You will need an electronic hand pendant (MPG) for any manual use. Kits normally ship in 2 weeks. It may take up to 3-4 weeks to ship depending on our queue. We will email tracking the day your kit ships. We really thank everyone for your patience.



You will need DIVX to watch these videos. Click HERE to download it FREE!DivX

Ballnut options

 $20 Pre-Loaded Ballnut Service. We pre-load one bsllnut with the largest oversize balls that will fit and still allow smooth movement, to lower the backlash between the nut and the screw. Each ballnut is matched to its screw. You can add up to three Pre-Loaded ballnuts to your cart, depending on your kit.
Heli-Cal Coupling - ZERO backlash
 $24 Heli-Cal zero backlash coupling. These are premium aluminum couplings, designed for servoes. ZERO BACKLASH. These will fit a 1/4" stepper/servo motor shaft ONLY. You will lose a small amount of X travel with these couplings undless you grind a small amount of relief in the saddle. Only one coupling can be used with KIT #1, three couplings are needed for KIT #2.Helical couplings are only available for 1/4" motor shafts.

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